Lead Instrumentation & Control (National Staff)
ILF Consulting Engineers
Kazakhstan, Büro Atyrau
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  • Hig her Edu ca ti on Degree (in Auto ma ti on Engi nee ring or simi lar) is man da to ry, pre fer a b ly inclu ding edu ca ti on in Wes tern insti tu ti on of hig her learning.
  • Mini mum of 15 years of experience.
  • Flu ent know ledge of Eng lish lan guage is requi red (Rus si an as an option).
  • Know ledge and expe ri ence in inter na tio nal PMC con tracts rela ted to the deve lo p ment and exe cu ti on EPC Contracts.
  • Rele vant skills inclu de Instru men ta ti on & Auto ma ti on System
  • DCS, ESD, F&G sys tem, RTU / PLC, BMS

    Spe ci fi ca ti on, sizing and selec tion of mea su ring instru men ta ti on, con trol and shut down val ves, pres su re safe ty val ves, slam shut val ves, etc.

    cables, cable glands, junc tion boxes sizing, rou ting, layout

    Sys tem Architecture

    Con trol Room Layout.

  • Expe ri ence in selec tion and inte gra ti on of instru men ta ti on equip ment for Hazar dous are as (accord ing to RK-PUE and IEC / NFPA standards)
  • Expe ri ence in the review of Instru men ta ti on and Auto ma ti on engi nee ring documentation.
  • Pre pa ra ti on and hands-on expe ri ence in Instru men ta ti on and Auto ma ti on engi nee ring docu men ta ti on (spe ci fi ca ti ons, phi lo so phies, instru men ta ti on equip ment data she ets, cau se and effect dia grams, logic dia grams, instru ment instal la ti on drawings, etc.
  • inclu ding training / mentoring of local staff, whe re applicable.

  • Sound know ledge of con fi gu ra ti on issu es, con nec ti vi ty bet ween sys tems, instal la ti on of instru men ta ti on (pro cess and secon da ry con nec tions, ) the requi re ments of safe ty rela ted systems.
  • Expe ri ence in Pipe lines, Gas-Tur bi ne Com pres sors and Power Genera ti on, par ti cu lar ly in respect of Com pres sor or Power Stations.
  • Expe ri ence in major Onshore or Off shore Oil & Gas Pro jects, or for Major Oil Com pa ny or EPC Con trac tor would be a plus.
  • Expe ri ence in pre-award tech ni cal acti vi ties, invol ving qua li fi ca ti on of Bid ders, would be preferable
  • Con tracts Deve lo p ment Expe ri ence, sup por ting the draf ting of tech ni cal scope of work of ITB’s, par ti cu lar ly for EPC scope and Lump Sum conditions.
  • Know ledge of rele vant IEC, ISO, ISA, API, BS, ITU standards.
  • Com pe ten ci es

  • Must have sound know ledge and under stan ding of tech ni cal terms and conditions.
  • Fami li ar with all pha ses of Engi nee ring Design (i.e. Con cep tu al, Fea si bi li ty, Basic, Feed and Detail ed Design).
  • Fami li ar with all pha ses of EPC Contracts.
  • Awa reness of com pli an ce and audit processes.
  • Abi li ty to iden ti fy chan ges and impro ve ments to the tech ni cal docu men ta ti on and pro ce du res to reflect Client’s chan ging requirements.
  • Know ledge of com pu ter based sys tems inclu ding, CAD, Data ba se Manage ment sys tems, Excel, Word, Micro soft Office or equi va lent soft ware packages.
  • Be proac ti ve, a self-star ter and abi li ty to work without supervision.
  • Sys te ma tic thin ker and good orga niz a tio nal skills / time management.
  • Strong per so na li ty with abi li ty to be firm and per sua si ve without authority.
  • Team play er wit hin and across functions.
  • Sen si ti ve to Client’s requi re ments and Client-focused.
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