CDA Program Manager
Astana, Kazakhstan
5 дней назад

Program / Project manager provides full support of assigned projects and tracks their execution. Job duties of the Program / Project Manager include :

2.1. Defining and validating project scope (e.g. define project vision, strategy and execution; identify project priorities) and creating project plan and schedule (e.

g. estimate work required and translate into tasks and duration).

  • 2.2. Selecting and applying standards (e.g. define delivery process, role& responsibilities, and operational norms; ensure team compliance);
  • Identifying information requirements and gather necessary data (e.g. via interviewing, secondary research etc.) and analyzing and interpreting impacts and risks to business decisions and outcomes.

    2.3. Assessing risk (e.g. identifies risks and creates mitigation plans) and defining metrics (e.g. identify measures for success).

  • 2.4. Managing project delivery process (e.g. drive project through the different project phases, manage resources and headcount, track progress, identify, escalate, and resolve issues;
  • make recommendations and determine project direction).

    2.5. Managing scope (e.g. analyzes impacts to project, clarify dependencies, constraints, assumptions; evaluate and administer scope change requests).

  • 2.6. Managing project costs (e.g. estimate / forecast project funding; request budget and make reallocation decisions as needed;
  • ensure project is within budget).

    2.7. Closing project (e.g. drive completion of project; manage project transition to client or business owner, conduct post project assessment).

    2.8. Ensuring infrastructure is in place (e.g. on-going support).

    2.9. Managing stakeholder relationships (e.g. identify and engage stakeholders; clarify expectations).

    2.10. facilitating meetings and managing information (e.g. develop and execute communication plan related to project, and report status).

    2.11. Influencing others to make decisions and taking actions aimed at achieving common objectives that ultimately benefit the entire enterprise.

    2.12. Consulting and partnering with others, offering views and advice that add value and perspective to situations.

    2.13. Recognizing conflict as soon as it becomes apparent; clarifying differing needs; and executing appropriate strategies to resolve issues.

    2.14. Driving change (e.g. identifies impacts to delivery, build awareness and support for change within the organization).

    2.15. Creating roadmap (e.g. identify and prioritize projects and or tracks of work and translate into integrated delivery schedule and timeline).

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