Lead Document Controller (Kazakhstan Nationals only)
Focke & Co.
4 дня назад

Job description

  • Awareness of Company’s Quality Policy.
  • Perform control over documents transfer to managers and respective executors.
  • Timely submit all appropriate correspondence to Project Manager’s attention and review as well as promptly transmit all executable documentation to the respective executors.
  • Ensure that the documentation, which need to be executed, is forwarded on the basis of Project Manager’s resolution.
  • Perform control (entering the necessary information into a database) over the timeliness of documents transfer and shall ensure that all returnable documentation and other related materials are returned to DCC.
  • Ensure that the documentation and data are filed by discipline and in accordance with approved nomenclature;
  • Prepare documents for further keeping and usage.
  • Perform the acceptance of outgoing information and data ensuring the correctness of their compilation, presence of authorizing signature, addressing and attachments (if any).
  • Maintain full registration of outgoing information and documentation, keep records of their origination and perform control over their execution.
  • Perform transmission of processed (executed) data to respective recipients.
  • Maintain records of in-and-outgoing data, ensuring systematization of documentation of the current archive.
  • Printing (through the copying center) and distribution.
  • Make filing and maintain keeping of documentation executed by discipline, in accordance with approved nomenclature.
  • Maintain the question-answering system of documentation.
  • Timely return uncompleted documentation to originators.
  • Take participation in inspection of DCC activity arrangement in structural subdivisions of Company.
  • Follow to instructions given by Project Manager
  • Complete weekly reports and submit them to Project Manager.
  • Maintains contact with Client and all disciplines Engineering Chiefs to assure accurate, timely communications and flow of information is taking place.
  • To assist in establishing operations, systems and procedures and paperwork for the Engineering documentation.
  • To ensure that the required procedure for the operations for archiving, retrieval and microfilming for the project is executed.
  • To monitor the issue of all reports and advise on problem areas.
  • To operate and maintain all Document Control functions.
  • To evaluate specific system requirements based on project needs.
  • To assist Project Manager with resource planning and control.
  • To work in a supervisory capacity as requested.
  • To advise and resolve all local problems that may arise so that consistency is maintained across the project.
  • To maintain effective liaison with Client and all Groups.
  • Expediting document delays.
  • Qualification

  • To co-ordinate Document Control areas within the projects.
  • To implement document management systems, procedures and practices.
  • To assist Project Manager in the day-to-day running of the Document Control activities.
  • Work with Engineering Staff, assist with the projects.
  • Assist DCC gain needed experience.
  • Bachelor degree is minimum requirement. Master degree preferred.
  • Fluent Russian and English.
  • 10 years of experience as minimum.
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