International Consultant on promoting clean and affordable energy to empower women and girls in Kazakhstan and in Central Asia
United Nations Development Programme
home-based, with 2 Missions to Kazkhstan
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Objective :

  • To enhance the knowledge of Government officials and other stakeholders in Kazakhstan on the differentiated use and needs of energy services by women and men in rural and urban areas;
  • To support Government officials in Kazakhstan to develop a gender-responsive framework for promoting clean and affordable energy;
  • To improve coordination and collaboration among respective government institutions and agencies, civil society, academia and other stakeholders to empower women in the energy sector;
  • To increase women’s opportunities to participate in the energy decision-making.
  • Scope of works :

  • 1) To draft a questionnaire in order to gather qualitative and quantitative information;
  • 2) To collect data on educational preferences of women (preferred areas of studies) in order to promote energy sector.

    3) To calculate the gender composition of university students enrolled in energy-related majors (including electricity and heat, renewable energy, energy conservation).

    The aim is to give recommendations on how to ensure gender proportions when teaching in higher education institutions for these majors.

    4) To identify women involvement in the energy related decision-making and the opportunities for career growth : ministerial level, agencies, institutional level, regional structures.

    5) To determine the existence of incentives promoting participation on women in the energy sector.

    6) To identify differences in the access, needs and use of energy services by women and men in various rural and industrial areas (determine areas).

    7) To assess energy scarcity (in the chosen region and to evaluate the norms of energy supply and provide an assessment on this regard for the selected region.

    To what degree energy scarcity impacts men and women?

    8) To collect data on the use of traditional fuel sources such as firewood for domestic use in order to assess energy efficiency in the chosen region

    9) To collect sex-disaggregated data from official statistics

    10) To determine different roles, attitudes and perception in households (by conducting a poll / questionnaire)

    a. To calculate the percentage of women in rural communities who devote their time to carry out basic tasks because of the lack of energy services in order to point out the graveness of the issue.

    11) To provide an analysis of the collected information revealing the perception, attitudes and energy services needs of women and men in selected areas

    12) To analyze the current policies on gender equality in Kazakhstan and to draft new solutions covering gaps in addressing gender equality problem

    13) To present the results of the study during the workshop organized by UNDP, UNECE and other stakeholders

  • For more details please see the Terms of References
  • Full IT literacy;
  • Ability to operate with on-line web-based applications
  • Education :

  • Master’s degree (or equivalent) in a social sciences, economics or other development-related fields
  • Experience :

  • As minimum 5 years of proven working experience in the field of gender related activities projects;
  • Experience with training and facilitation;
  • Working experience in Europe and CIS region;
  • Practical experience in drafting public policies, strategies or concepts relevant to thematic area;
  • Skills :

  • Knowledge of relevant tools and understanding the links between the sustainable development, energy efficiency, social and gender issues;
  • Knowledge of the content and methodology of conducting the gender analysis with stakeholders participation;
  • Knowledge and / or hands-on experience with the statistical or data-analysis software are an asset
  • Fluency in spoken and written English and Russian
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